Change is the keyword at MKEing Coffee | Sharehouse Café lately. We’ve been hard at work designing, building, painting, staining, and organizing. It would be great if our resources and capital were infinite. In fact, we wouldn’t have to do any work if that were the case. We could hire other people. But, as it is, we are hobbling together bookshelves by ourselves.

Old Milwaukee storefronts are just that—old. They don’t accomodate some of the preferences us modern people have, like sure insulation and matte colors. They definitely don’t have up-to-code kitchen equipment. They take a lot of reconfiguring and fanagling. We suppose it’s true—without the redeeming work, their is no redemption.

In all honesty, we are reworking the space because it fails to inspire us. We’re sick of looking at that shade of paint and want a new veneer on the café tables. So, some of it is selfish, but our hope is that when you walk in our café, you have just a little bit more inspiration than if you lived in an alternative universe where we were laborless or had no hands (either one).