New Bags, Better Coffee

Coffee, as most laypeople know, is hygroscopic. It absorbs moisture from the air. This special quality also means coffee is susceptible to and embodies surrounding odors. This explains why, like me, you may have been startled by your French roast having a hint of banana flavor (you set the open bag of beans in the pantry next to the plantains) or your Sumatra having a pungeont aftertaste (you placed the onions you cut for dinner in the fridge next to the cold brew). 

Photo of MKEing Coffee Bags

All this to say, MKEing coffee has transitioned from a paper, kraft bag to a vacuum-sealed, re-closable one to protect the flavor and aroma of our roasts for as long as possible. One of our favorite morning rituals is sticking our noses over an open bag of coffee, and this new packaging makes that experience as electric as ever. And, as a note-to-self, this is one of many self-correcting steps we will make in our pursuit to create an excellent product—good coffee for a good city.