Meet the Founders

Urban Milwaukee MKEing Coffee Roasters Owners

Meet Chad (on the left) and Jarod (on the right). They live right across the street from each other on 42nd. That's how they met, actually—by walking out their front doors and seeing each other. As neighbors they came together around the idea that urban, central city Milwaukee has very few cafes. If you live in the area and like coffee, you know that. If you've done a Yelp search driving down Sherman Boulevard, you know that as well.
But beyond that, Chad and Jarod recognized a bigger issue in their community: a lack of local jobs, job places one could walk or bike to if they wanted. If we start a coffee roaster, they said, we could hire local people. So, MKEing Coffee really can't be divorced from either of these values—the MKEing of Good Coffee or the MKEing of a Good City.