Introducing MKEing Coffee

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The MKEing Coffee Story

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Sharehouse Cafe

        Mon - Fri, 7am - 5pm         Sat, 7am - 2pm

Breakfast & Lunch Menu

Free WiFi

(414) 395-2712

5507 W North Ave

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"I cannot believe coffee this good is roasted just down the street from me!"


"This will definitely become my new work space away from home"


"It's small, quiet, and staffed with excellent people in one of Milwaukee's growing neighborhoods."


"I come here every morning and the staff is excellent."


"The coffee was delicious, but the atmosphere was astonishing."


Coffee for Coffee Drinkers

These blends aren't for the apathetic.

Partnering in MKEing Milwaukee Better

If you are an organization interested in offering our coffee, we provide discounted wholesale rates. Tell us a little about yourself so we can get in touch with you!