About Us

Good Coffee for a Good City

Good Coffee?

Under the generous tutelage of Stone Creek Coffee, we are bringing decades of coffee roasting expertise to every bag. We are able to offer responsibly-sourced beans and uniquely-crafted roasts. Good is a bit of an understatement.

Good City?

What makes a city "good"? A hunch: more than a lakefront and festivals. A city flourishes when its inhabitants have the opportunity to work for the prosperity of their city and are rewarded for their efforts.

Beyond this economic component, a city is "good" when its inhabitants intend for the good of its inhabitants in a wide-ranging, non-discriminatory kind of way. A "good city" mindset might be—let me include whoever is missing out. MKEing Coffee wants to embody this mindset by bringing jobs and a quality product to the central city.

Who profits? 

A large portion of our profits fund employment opportunities for high school students, the ex-incarcerated, or otherwise job-inhibited people who live in the Milwaukee area.

By drinking our coffee, you are helping to provide the job title of "Coffee Expert" to someone who is looking for a job. You are investing in developing an employee who might someday bag your order, answer your questions, or help you figure out why the dang website is glitching.

By drinking our coffee, you are playing a role in reMKEing Milwaukee. You are voting, advocating, serving, sharing. In our humble opinion, this sounds like no ordinary cup of tea.